For Diva and her beloved Bertie….

22 02 2008


I remember bringing you home. You were so small and cuddly with your tiny paws and soft fur.

You bounced around the room with eyes flashing and ears flopping. Once in a while, you’d let out a little yelp just to let me know this was your territory.

Making a mess of the house and chewing on everything in sight became a passion and when I scolded you, you just put your head down and looked up at me with those innocent eyes as if to say: “I’m sorry, but I’ll do it again as soon as you’re not watching.”

As you got older, you protected me by looking out the window and barking at everyone who walked by.
When I had a tough day at work, you would be waiting for me with your tail wagging just to say, “Welcome home. I missed you.” You never had a bad day and I could always count on you to be there for me.

When I sat down to read the paper and watch TV, you would hop on my lap looking for attention. You never asked for anything more than to have me pat your head so you could go to sleep with your head over my leg.

As you got older, you moved around more slowly. Then one day, old age finally took its toll, and you couldn’t stand on those wobbly legs anymore. I knelt down and patted you lying there, trying to make you young again. You just looked up at me as if to say you were old and tired and that after all these years of not asking for anything, you had to ask me to do one last favour.

With tears in my eyes, I drove you one last time to the vet. One last time you were lying next to me.

For some strange reason you were able to stand up in the animal hospital—-perhaps it was your sense of pride.

As the vet led you away, you stopped for an instant, turned your head and looked at me as if to say: “Thank you for taking care of me.”

I thought, “No—-Thank you for taking care of me.”


MMMmmmmmmmmmm Eddie!

21 02 2008

After reading Daffy’s comment on my last entry regarding Pearl Jam (which I must tell you is my ALL TIME favorite band) I decided to post this for your listening/viewing enjoyment!  AWESOME song by an AWESOME band!

Pearl Jam

I liked this so I stole the idea…..

20 02 2008

…………………from Plane Jane

1. Drink you had – Diet Coke
2. Thing you ate – Bagel
3. Movie you saw – We Own the Night (last night)
4. Person you e-mailed – Hubby’s step father
5. Person you talked to – a customer on the phone
6. TV show you watched (live) – The Young and the Restless (soap opera)
7. TV show you watched tivoed (Sky+ or video count too, I guess!) – don’t have that ability
8. Book you finished –  My first 100 words (thanks to The Peanut)
9. Music you listened to – Pearl Jam in the car (the same as Plane Jane, can’t tell we are friends at ALL)
10. Money you spent – Coffee at Tim Horton’s this morning


18 02 2008

is what you call it when your not quite 18 month old goes pee in the potty for the first time.  I actually cried and she actually made fun of me crying!  Yet another mile stone moment!


14 02 2008

Oh dear gawd!!!!  My throat is sooooooooooo unbelievably sore.  It feels like I am eating  razor blades every time I attempt to swallow.  Even just sitting here my throat is throbbing.  You know it’s bad when you actually consider drooling instead of swallowing because the pain is so bad.  Ugh!  I seriously want to cry I am in so much pain.  And the funny thing is, that’s the only thing wrong with me.  I’m not fevered, I don’t feel stomach sick (well not yet anyways.  Not until all the suger from the throat lozenges I am sucking on rot my stomach), no head ache……..nothing.  It’s a bit weird actually.  I am tired but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for me.  OH DEAR GAWD THE PAIN!  I seriously can’t remember a time that my throat has been THIS sore. 

So on a different note (still keeping with the “ouch” title), Hannah has been getting up at the crack of dawn for some obscene reason.  She is normally an early riser to begin with, getting up usually around 6-6:30am but the last 3 nights she’s been up between 4:30-5am.  Yep…….you read right!  My daughter wants to start her day at 4:30 in the morning.  Last Saturday morning she was up at 5:15am but then Sunday and Monday she got up at her usual time so I chalked it up to her being hungry or thirsty or wet or maybe something woke her but now that this is the 3rd day in a row, I’m not sure what’s up.  She has a reasonable bed time and has had the same bedtime since she was about 8 months old.  She goes to bed at around 8pm and gets up around 6-6:30am.  The past few weeks we have moved her bedtime to 7:30pm as she is now only getting 1 nap a day and she is also getting up at 6am during the week because of school.  We also moved her bedtime up because she was showing all the signs of needing more sleep.  It was working very well until these last couple of days.  I’m baffled.  There are SO many things that could be playing a factor in her getting up so early.  Teething, noises (mind you she is and has always been a sound sleeper), hunger, thirst, or anything for that matter.  I guess we’ll have to just ride it out for a couple days to see if we can catch what/who the culprit is that’s waking our sleeping beauty!


13 02 2008

On Sunday my hubby went out grocery shopping while The Peanut napped and I cleaned the house.  When he arrived home, we started to put the groceries away together and while doing so we were discussing what he had bought.  Chicken that was on sale, chick pea’s for Hannah cause she was almost out and we know how much she loves them, some stuffed jalapeno peppers, a bouquet of beautiful long stem roses, some pickles, a couple quarts of milk, wait……..FLOWERS?????  Flowers for me???  I was very pleasantly surprised to say the least.  Hubby really is not a romantic per say.  He never really plans romantic things for us to do but he does do stuff like this.  He’ll bring me home flowers “just because”, he’ll put the laundry away, he’ll take Hannah on Sunday mornings to go and get me a coffee and bagel from our local coffee shop.  Just things that are really thoughtful.  Things that I know he actually stopped and thought of me when doing them. 

I actually LOVE that he is taking the time to think of me and the impact his actions will have.  While he was out without me, “I” popped into his head and he thought that I might like to have flowers.  It’s nice to know that he thinks of me when I am not around.  It’s nice to know that he wants to do things for me that he knows will put a smile on my face.  It’s the little things that make me truly happy.  Not what he has bought me or if he has bought somehting for me, it’s not how much it cost.  It’s all in the thought.  It’s the coffee on sunday morning, or making me breakfast, or putting the laundry away, or just leaning in to give me a kiss JUST because.

My favorite memory of his thoughtfulness is when he proposed to me.  We use to go hiking/walking at a place called Belfountain which is a little north of were we live.  I LOVE being outside as I am a country bumpkin at heart and him being the city slicker that he is, I always appreciated him coming along with me when I wanted to go.  Well, it was my 25th b-day and I was a little bummed about it.  I know, why right?  Well that’s a whole other story.  Anyhow, he decided that to brighten my spirits we would go up to Belfountain and enjoy the spring air so we packed up The Boy and ourselves and started the 1/2 hour drive north.  On the way Hubby was acting a little strange and was looking a little flushed but red and he looked a little ill so I asked him a few times if he was feeling okay and pointed out what I was noticing.  He kept saying that he was fine but that he was just HOT.  I never thought anything of it and we kept making our way there.  We arrived, parked the car and started our walk around the grounds.  My spirits were starting to lift and my mood was improving the more we walked and talked and enjoyed our time together. 

We came to the bridge in the middle of the grounds and I started hesitatingly to cross.  Now would be a good time to fill you all in on a little tid bit of information……….I am TERRIFIED of bridges.  Yet another story for another time.  So I start my making my way across and Hubby says oh you have to stop and s”ee the falls under us”.  IS HE NUTS????  I yell to him (cause I’m NOT stopping or turning around to face him) as I am picking up the pace to get off the damn bridge “I’ll see it quite fine from the shore thank you”!!  Once off, he’s trying to get me to come back out to the middle of the bridge to “see the falls” which I couldn’t understand as he KNOWS how much I hate bridges but later found out that he wanted to propose to me there.  Good thing he didn’t cause I’d probably have dropped the ring over the edge!  So we just about to end our outting and return to the car and he suggests that we go down to the river side so that Mylo could get a drink. I agreed and we made or way there. Once there I start laughing hysterically as I had this thought pop into my head.  I proceeded to tell him I knew why he was bringing me down to the river, that he was going to kill me and throw my dead body in the river.  I doubled over in laughter and I heard him say “No that’s not it but I do want to do this……” and as I straighted up, there he was, kneeling in the mud with my beautiful ring in his hand.

That is and was the most thoughtful thing ANYONE has ever done for me.  He wanted it to be just perfect and all about ME.  On my birthday, in my favorite place doing, my favorite thing.  And to top it all off, he gave me my favorite cut and style of ring. It was ALL for me.  I love him.  I really and truly do love him.  He is a good man, an awesome husband and an even more amazing father to our beautiful daughter.  He has added soooooooooo much to my life and added a missing piece to the puzzle I call my life and together, out of love WE made the final piece to that puzzle……….Hannah.  I am one lucky gal.

Finally Friday!

8 02 2008

This has been a long week.  Not a horrible week just a long one.  It funny how we’ve always looked forward to Friday’s as it marks the end of the work week (well for most anyways) and the start of the weekend.  When I was younger I looked forward to the weekends mostly for the social aspect of them.  Hanging out with family and friends.  Now I find that I look forward to the weekends for my daughter.  Okay and hubby too 🙂  MY family now.  I miss her terribly during the week as I only get about 2 1/2 – 3 hours a night with her and our nights are busy.  I rush to get home so that I can start dinner and let the boy out before Hubby and the peanut arrive home.  Then when they get home we finish cooking dinner (which is usually hubby and I trading off between dinner and hanging out with Hannah) then we eat dinner then we clean up.  We clean up the way we cook dinner, one of us hanging with Hannah while the other cleans the kitchen and we trade back and forth as Hannah has issues with us being in the kitchen.  More so me then dad so a lot of the time dad does the cleaning while I entertain the Peanut.By this time it’s close to 6 pm and that means there is only about 1 hour of time left with her.  1 hour before bath-time and in bed by 7:30pm.  She use to go to bed at 8 and still does on the weekends but she gets up so early during the week (between 6 & 6:30am) to go to day care and only has one nap a day now which is any where from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours long so as you can see, that’s a long day for a 17 month old.  Poor thing.   

She’s been coming home from “school” (that’s what we refer to day care as when speaking to her) in not the greatest of moods and I know it’s cause she is adjusting to a lot of big changes and really, a lot of the changes are to her day to day routine.  She’s in a school environment now not a home environment and the demands to be independent and self sufficiant are a LOT higher.  She was moved from her crib and put into her toddler bed when she was 15 months old to prepare her for sleeping in a cot at school.  She went from having two, 1-2 hour naps a day down to one, 1-2 hour nap.  She’s gone from sitting in a high chair (with no tray on, we’d pull her up to the table) to now sitting in a little person chair at a little person table.  She’s gone from drinking from a straw cup to having to learn to drink from a little person cup (and let me tell you, this is gonna take a while).  She has also gone from eating with her fingers (she always has had her own spoon or fork, just didn’t know how to use it) to having to learn how to use them as day care offers them food that REQUIRES utensils.  Foods like Sheppard’s pie, soup, home made mac & cheese, spaghetti, etc……..In the last 6 weeks my poor child has had to endure a lot of quick changes and on top of all these changes she has been extremely ill and that in it self can take a toll on their little bodies and minds.  It’s like I was saying to my hubby, I know that Hannah will excel in a day care setting, it’ll just take some time for her to “A” get use to a much larger and busier environment and “B” catch up to the age group she is in.  She is in a toddler room and that age group is 18 – 30 months.  Hannah started there when she was 16 month old.  

Hannah has always done everything a lot earlier then what the average is.  She held her head up early, rolled over early, sat up early, started teething early, started walking early and even talking she started early.  Hannah actually has a vocabulary of well over 100 words and i know this as she has a book called “my first 100 words” and when you point to the pictures and ask her what they are, she can tell you almost all of them.  And that’s not including her day to day talking with us, the teachers and kids at school. All that being said, yes Hannah has done pretty much everything early but the part to remember is that she was never PUSHED to do any of it early………she did it on her own and in her own time.  With school, she has no choice but to learn things at a faster pace in order for her to keep up.  I know that in life sometimes you have to pick up the pace in order to shuffle forward in life but my concern is that she is so young.  She is in day care because we put her there.  We put her there because we can not afford for one of us to stay home and raise her till she actually hits elementary school age which is actually mandatory by law for her to attend.  I’m good with her starting school, she needs her education as we all do but day care is a choice and not one that I am happy about having to make.  I hate feeling like I’ve been backed into a corner but what else can we do?  We have to have an income in order to survive.  In order for her to have the best life that we can give her.  And trust me, the family income that we have is not a very good one.  It just gets us by and even though we just get by, we are able to make sure that Hannah has a good start to her life.  Dave and I both have life insurance, we have life insurance on Hannah, and we have an education fund for her that we contribute to every month.  It’s not much but it’s something and it’s more then what our parents were able to to for us as kids. And really……isn’t that what we all as parents strive to do for our kids?  

We try to not make the same mistakes our parents did with us and we try to offer our kids a little more then what our parents could offer us.  We’ve learned from our upbringings as good or bad as they were and we try to achieve a bit more then we had.  I can honestly say that hubby and I are off to a pretty good start as we are doing the very best that we can for Hannah with what we have and I can only hope that things will only improve.