Hannah Banana

27 06 2008

You are now 22 months old and such the budding beauty. You are growing faster then I’d like to realize or accept. Even though your infant days were a test of my wills, I find myself upset that already some of my memories of those days when it was just you and I are fading. Our late night cries together, your beautiful curious eyes looking dead into mine as I nursed you back to sleep, the smell of your freshly washed baby skin against my face. These are just a few of the things that I find harder and harder to remember. I guess that’s why I’m trying my best to keep up on these letters to you as not only will they be a keep sake for you when you are older but they are also to remind me of exactly how you were at this stage in your life. I know that you and I have many, many more memories to make together but I do not want to forget the ones we have already made. Our first days together were so hard but so unbelievably worth every second and I would never change a thing about them. I believe that they have helped be to better understand what being a mother truly means.

In the last 22 months you have day in and day out amazed me. You dive into everything head first. You really do not show fear of many things. You are a curious little girl with a love for adventure which sometimes in turn, ends up with not the best outcome but you still manage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go on! Your carefree and affectionate nature grabs the attention of even strangers. And that smile of yours is enough to rip the heart right out of my chest. You still are extremely blond and your eyes are more brown then blue but your dad’s side still pokes through from time to time. You are still quite petit wearing 18 month – 2 year clothing. Your shoe size is only a 5 ½ – 6 and you can thank your Papa for those Flintstone feet of yours! You still have very fair skin so this summer shall be fun making sure you are coated in sun block. You are so particular in everything you do. Everything has a place and everything has to be done just so. Your dad says that is me coming out in you as I am the same way. Sorry about that by the way!

You still are a very good eater and love to eat independently so you can imagine the laundry we have to do! Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are your absolute favorites and have been for about 6 weeks now. Even though we’ve watched them about seven HUNDRED times, hearing you recite the script almost word for word and watching you dance with your baby during the “nice songs” as you call it, is what makes it all worth it. You had Tubes put in your ears on June 5th and you did amazing with the whole surgery. We were there for 7:20am and were home by 12:30pm that same day. You came out of the anesthetic just wanting your daddy. Once we got back up to him in your recovery, you were back to your old self. They gave you 3 freezies (which by the way is the new favorite thing to eat), ¾ of an apple juice box and you didn’t skip a beat after that. You were so brave when they wheeled you away from me. My baby………..

We are planning a move in the next couple of months. We have been living in our house now for 5 years and before that it was the same house just down stairs with your Nana. Nana still lives below us and things have been great but it’s now time to move on. We need more space for you to grow. We need our own independence now. We will miss having Nana around and it was great while it lasted. New things to look forward to and it is very exciting. And let’s be honest, a little scary too. I know we will do well on our own and we will branch out as a family with this move and that is what I’m looking forward too. I’m looking forward to us growing together as OUR little family. I’m interested to see how this move will effect you seeing as it will be a HUGE change for you and your little life. I think you’ll do great and welcome this change with open arms. Or at least I hope you do, for both our sakes!

I know I always end my little letters to you with how wonderful and amazing you are and how honored I feel to have YOU as my daughter. I hope you never get sick of hearing it. I hope that you someday will appreciate that I did write you little letters and I hope that you keep them for your kids to read one day. You are the final piece to mine and your fathers puzzle honey. You are what we live for. You are our life. We love you so unbelievably more then we could ever imagined possible. Your presence makes your father and I grow closer together as a couple. You complete our family sweetie and for this we thank you!

Forever Love,


Out of touch

13 06 2008

So it’s been forever and a day since I have written but things have been a bit hectic lately.  What’s gone on………..well……………..

  1. Mothers day-mine and my mothers (lets not go there)
  2. My mom’s birthday (again, lets not go there)
  3. My 30TH birthday BBQ and then actual birthday-both were fabulous!
  4. The Peanuts ear surgery-Tubes inserted in hear canal-all went well and she is good as new again
  5. The Peanuts Orthopedic Surgeons appointment for her elbows-diagnosis-Maids Elbow, will out grow it

Well, now that I see the above…….it really doesn’t look like I was all that busy does it?  You must also take into consideration that the majority of my Internet time is done from work and work has been CRAZY.  The nicer weather is also upon us so we have had an abundance of outside time with the girl and the boy which I must says has been fantastic!  Umm…..any other excuses I can come up with?????  Nope….not at the moment.  So that being said, I gotta run but write soon my duckies!