10 02 2009

So coming out of my house this morning, with both hands full of child and personal paraphernalia, I managed to pick the one part of my driveway that was frozen over from the quick melt in the warm temperatures during the day yesterday and the cold snap we had over night and so the ice-capades began!

Out whet my right leg while my left one stayed right where it was. My left hand (containing my giant purse that should almost be classified as luggage) went in an upward swooping motion as my right hand (containing my lunch, a drink for the peanut and the peanuts travel bag) went in a sideways, almost karate chopping motion. Just then, as my pleasantly plump arse hit the ground, I swear the earth shook and actually stood still for just a split second as I sat there…….left leg/knee folded behind my ass, right leg straight out in front of me, ass on the frozen yet wet driveway while the top half of my body laid thankfully in the soft, but none the less, freezing snow bank.

So as I lay there, half laughing, half crying, I’ve now realized that with the way my left knee is bunched up behind me………I’M F’ING STUCK! I look around to see if I have given any of my neighbours a good morning chuckle but thankfully no one was up and about yet. So with part of my dignity still in tact, I start quietly screaming for Hubby who then looks out the kitchen window with a smirk on his face. *note to self, smother hubby with the pillow in bed tonight* Hubby then comes out to assist with of course, the peanut in tow and I hear….”Here daddy, hold my blankets, I help Mama up”.  That truly made it all better and I began to laugh hysterically even with feeling like I had just been hit by a small vehicle!

So here we are 4 1/2 hours later, my knee surprisingly is fine which I didn’t think it would be at first for the way it was bent like a pretzel behind me, but my back and neck are knackered! I can barely move, the throbbing is getting quite annoying and the head ache is just the icing on the cake!

Well hopefully you all got a good chuckle out of the visual from all this cause lord knows I’ve been dying in tears as I’ve been picturing it all over again in my head! That’s me and my ever so graceful ways!