29 05 2009

do you all remember this post?

well, she strikes again.  Apparently my mother had surgery on April 30th and choose to not tell any of her children until last evening when she decided to tell me.  Why now??  She claims she didn’t say anything cause she didn’t want my father and his wife to know.  If she seems to think I am going to tell them and that’s why she didn’t before the surgery then why did she tell me at all?  what’s the difference if I told them then or now??  Clearly not something I’d discuss with my father anyways as it’s my mother and her life and it has nothing to do with my father at all so why would I bring that up??  and even if I did…..HE IS MY FATHER AND I WILL TALK TO HIM ABOUT WHAT EVER I’D LIKE DAMN IT!!  and really, what the hell does she care if he knows or not????  what does she care???  she is remarried and has been for 9 years??? 

So, my b-day dinner with my mother ended up with me telling her to get out of my house.  THE END!



Well hello there…..

27 05 2009

okay, so I am the worlds worst blogger i’ve decided!  I go so far between entries and when I do write I am all over the place.  Lets be honest though, that’s ME……all over the place!  LOL  So i took a look around last night at all my blogger buddies and at that moment I decided that I needed a ME day!  So that’s exactly what today has been.  I played hookie from work, brought the peanut to school and hubby was out the door by 7:45am!  house to my self.  Even the dog went over to Nana’s for a visit today.  I am literally ALL alone.  A bit creepy I must admit as I truly can not remember the last time I was.  I have slight guilt about just doing NOTHING so to ease that guilt, 2 loads of laundry are done, the dishes are done, I am about to take a shower right after this and on the way to get the peanut from school I will be returning the mountain of beer and wine bottles that have taken over my counter top all repricussion of my birthday party last saturday.  There………I feel a bit better now! 

So my actual birthday was yesterday and it started off terribly.  The peanut was up a 5:30 am which is an hour earlier then our normal start to the day.  I was tired, had a head ache and just all out am not a morning person to begin with.  She was in the most wretched mood too so that didn’t help mine.  Hubby was in a lot of pain from his reoccurring back problems and the whole morning just stunk!  Then it was off to drop her at school which had been progressively getting better BUT can still be hit or miss in the freaking out department.  Much to my surprise though……I got a HUGE smile, a wave and a BYE MAMA, HAVE A GOOD DAY!  the day got better from there thankfully! My daughter was an angel from the moment I picked her up from school till the moment she went to bed last night.  My husband out did him self with planning a birthday party last saturday, brought home dinner last night followed by an amazing and much needed full body massage after the peanut was in bed and my night ended with HUGE snuggles and lots of love. And to finish up my birthday celebrations, my husband booked a sitter for the peanut for saturday afternoon till sunday at noon as he is taking me out to dinner and then off to see the Theater to see the musical “The Sound of Music” which clearly is one of my all time favourite movies.  I can not tell you how excited I am as the last time I went to the Theater I was 19 years old so this is MUCH appreciated and long over due.  Doesn’t that sound like an amazing time?

June 2nd is hubby and my 9 year anniversary.  It will be our 5 year wedding anniversary this coming August 28th and our baby girl will be turning 3 on August 22nd.  Where does the time go??  SOOOOO much has happened over these 9 short years and after looking back on it all (specially these last few trying months) I have really come to realize and truly appreciate all that I have and all that my life has become.  I am definitely privilege to have the life that I do and I have so many people to that for that.  My great family, supportive friends, loving husband, loyal puppy and my gorgeous daughter.  Life is good!

Thinking of you……..

7 05 2009

today I have 2 people in my thoughts.  My UK pal Pete (chippy) is mourning the loss his faithful companion, his beloved Kitty who passed a year ago…….lost but never forgotten!

I am also thinking of our good friend Darryl who would have been 32 tomorrow.  6 years ago we lost him in a fatal car crash and not a day goes bye that we don’t miss him dearly.  He is remember fondly and will always play a huge role in our lives just with the memories he left behind.


Happy birthday Beaver!  LOVE YOU!!