29 05 2009

do you all remember this post?

well, she strikes again.  Apparently my mother had surgery on April 30th and choose to not tell any of her children until last evening when she decided to tell me.  Why now??  She claims she didn’t say anything cause she didn’t want my father and his wife to know.  If she seems to think I am going to tell them and that’s why she didn’t before the surgery then why did she tell me at all?  what’s the difference if I told them then or now??  Clearly not something I’d discuss with my father anyways as it’s my mother and her life and it has nothing to do with my father at all so why would I bring that up??  and even if I did…..HE IS MY FATHER AND I WILL TALK TO HIM ABOUT WHAT EVER I’D LIKE DAMN IT!!  and really, what the hell does she care if he knows or not????  what does she care???  she is remarried and has been for 9 years??? 

So, my b-day dinner with my mother ended up with me telling her to get out of my house.  THE END!





4 responses

29 05 2009

She’s playing for the sympathy vote and trying to wind you up too!!!

29 05 2009

yep, well not this time. I’m done with her selfishness.

29 05 2009

Good for you…..
I love the new theme by the way, might change mine soon to something brighter!

22 07 2009

Again, wanders through whistling tunelessly with duster in hand……. {Sigh}
🙄 😆

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