What are the chances?

15 06 2009

I never thought in a million years that this would happen to me.  I have loaded The Peanut and all her belongings into the car, get a board my self and head out to our local Tim Horton’s coffee shop to get my morning X-Large coffee with 2 milk and 2 sweetener.  We get in the line up behind 10 other cars and start the slow creep, inch by inch up to the ordering stand. We are one car length away from placing our order and to my pleasant surprise, hubby is in the car behind us.  I turn my head slightly to look at The Peanut all snug in her car set to tell her that Daddy is behind us and that’s when the attack took place.  A small black bird, out of no where flies into my OPEN driver side window and right into my face and neck! 

Yes, you read correctly!  I proceed to flail around WILDLY trying to get this crazy, kamikaze bird out of my face all the while PRAYING that it didn’t decide to dive bomb my poor helpless 2 year old in the back seat.  I ended up getting a bit of a hold on it and practically threw it out the window.  I scream out to my husband behind me “DID YOU SEE THAT” and you can guess what saw when I look back right?  Yep, you betcha…….a man dying from laughter at the site of his wife almost loosing her face from a lunatic black bird!

Can you imagine??  And really, what are the chances???  Just MY luck though………..This confirms my dislike for birds!