21 weeks and going strong

5 11 2009

so I am 21 weeks pregnant and everything is going very well. We found out that Hannah will have a sister and she will be named Abby (Abigail to be exact). She is already giving me grief and keeping me on my toes and if that is any indication of how she will be here, outside in the real world, then she is totally following in her big sister Hannah’s foot steps. Would I have it any other way? NEVER!!

So on the Peanut front, she is still my amazing little girl. Bright, funny, beautiful, full of life and still able to make total strangers smile with just her laughter! I am one lucky lady to have been given such an amazing little girl and now I have been given the gift of 2. WOW………..I will be a mother of 2!!

That being said, did I forget to mention what hubby’s reaction was when we found out we’d be having another girl? His face went red and I quote “wow, guess I’ll need to build a guest house in the next 10 years so that I have a place to escape the 3 of you women”!! too cute!

so how are you all doing??




4 responses

5 11 2009

Glad the dust has gone… all hail Abby…… sister to the wonderful Hannah…..

5 11 2009

Tickled to death to hear the good news Dee. You take good care of Abby.


5 11 2009

Aw sweetie so wonderful! A little sister for The peanut! She’ll be an amazing big sister I am sure! I think you may owe your hubby at the very least his own escapism…maybe a room with a sign on the door that says “No Girls Allowed!” ;o)
Take it easy there and get some rest! (Well, you can try!) xxx

5 11 2009

How very cool! Your husband will want his Man Cave, I guess. But probably he will be the guy with buttons popping off his shirt from pride in his beautiful girls.

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