Is it over yet?

4 12 2009

Other then my gorgeous Hannah and the conception of my Abby, this was a shit of a year and I am sooooo done. The ALMOST breakdown of my marriage in January, the loss of my job in November, the death of my only remaining grandfather 2 days ago (Dec 2nd) and now finding out that my beloved Mylo is fatally ill……I can’t take anymore. If it wasn’t for my beautiful Hannah, Christmas would NOT be happening in this house this year. I just need to start a new. This has been the worst year to date and I can’t wait to just put it all behind me. My nerves are shot and I need a break from all the heart ache and worry.

On a good note, I am 25 weeks and still doing well. Abby is in the breech position and although yes there is still time for her too turn, I have a feeling she will not. Hannah didn’t either. At 23 weeks Hannah was breech and never turned at all. So that too is making me sad to think that I will again not be having a natural birth. Yes I know never say never but it’s a feeling I have and I’m usually not wrong. As long as she’s healthy right??? well I’m still allowed to be bitter about this. LOL

well that’s it for now. Bitch fest is done for another day. till next time my duckies. Hope all is well with you and yours!




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4 12 2009

Sorry to hear you’ve been having such a bad time of it, lets hope its just a ‘glitch’ in your life and things very soon get much better……. and I have everything crossed for Mylo too!
It certainly seems your two girls are taking after Mamma and have a mind of their own, even Abby is fitting the stereotype…… “I’ll turn when I’m good and ready……if at all…” LOL
You went through it once so I’m sure you can do it again, whichever way you’re gonna have a beautiful daughter to be proud of !!

19 12 2009

you are so kind my Pete and always manage to make me crack a smile!

11 02 2010

[Has a little dust around while passing through………]
๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ™„

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